JONATHAN STOUT A.I.A. provides the Architectural design, construction drawings and proccessing required to obtain a building permit for the construction of the project. Projects include but are not limited to: 
      [] Site design and planning
      [] Building design
      [] Garage and Basement as required/ desired
      [] Representaion, negotiation and working with the City and other applicable controlling agencies in order to optimize the   
          buildable potential of the project.
The permit processing include but is not limited to:
      [] Submittals to the Planning Department (as required)
      [] Submittals to the  Geological and Geotechnical Departments (as required)     
      [] Submittals to the Health Deparment (as required)
      [] Submittals to the Archeologist (as required)
      [] Submittals to the Public Works Engineer (as required)
      [] Submittals to the Biologist (as required)
      [] Submittals to the Department of Building and Safty 
      [] Submittals to the Fire Prevention Dept. (as required)
      [] Submittals to the Environmental Review Board (as required)
      [] California Coastal Commission or Local Coastal Plan and Implementation criteria as required -(Deed Restrictions 
          and other legal N.I.C.)

Plan coordination with all consultants and engineers including but not limited ot the surveying, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, civil, environmental, soils, health (septic), water and/ or sewer purveyor, acoustical, geology and geotechnical engineers, biologist, landscape architect, interior designer/ decorator, utility plans and offsite improvement drawings is included as occurs.   

Site visits are included as required for the clarification or modification of any elements of the plan as neccessary to maintain a quaranteed set of plans as approved by the Client.